Map of our Conservation Lands


RÉSERVE NATURELLE TOWNSEND: 80 acres of steep shoreline on Lake Manitou’s Townsend Bay featuring the scenic Adams Trail. 

RÉSERVE POWELL: 125 acres along chemin Fyon adjacent to Fyon mountain forming a contiguous protected area of 175 acres. 

RÉSERVE FER-À-CHEVAL/HANGING ROCK: 86 acres connecting Horseshoe Lake and Lake Manitou via the historic Laurentian Trail, plus 48 acres to the east featuring Hanging Rock, a huge glacial erratic.

RÉSERVE LAC-DE-LA-LOUTRE (ATWATER LAKE): 247 acres located just south of Lake Manitou including Lac de la Loutre, known locally as Atwater Lake, and comprising an extensive network of trails. 

RÉSERVE LAC BRAZEAU: 98 acres between Lake Manitou and Lake Brazeau featuring part of the historic Laurentian Trail. 

RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE BARBARA RICHARDSON: 541 acres co-owned with Nature Conservancy of Canada featuring a mountain and several lakes. The protection of this land will help maintain ecological connectivity in the region.

RÉSERVE REMER - 80 acres of eco-sensitive areas and maintains the historic trails on the east side of Lake Manitou.