Canada 150 commemorative plaque - Atwater Lake

As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation celebrations this year, Environment and Climate Change Canada is recognizing a representative group of Canadians who have set aside private lands for long-term conservation, through sale, donation, or conservation agreement. Canada 150 commemorative plaques are being installed on 150 properties across this great country to celebrate the exceptional habitat and biodiversity benefits of the properties. Shirley McCall Stikeman's donation of her Lac de La Loutre property, which comprises over 245 acres, was a recipient of 1 of the 150 plaques awarded. Conservation Manitou couldn't be more proud! This past Sunday we held a small ceremony at Atwater Lake to celebrate this occasion and as well to affix the plaque on a tree near the lake.

Letter received from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change - Lettre Ministre