Conservation Manitou: 2016 Annual Report

Dear Members and Friends, It is with great pleasure and pride that we present you with CONSERVATION MANITOU's 2016 Annual Report attached, and cordially invite you to our 4th Annual Meeting of Members to be held Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 2:00PM at the Ivry-sur-le-lac Town Hall.

Since our founding just over 4 years ago, we have accomplished the following:

1- Raised nearly $2 million in cash donations from over 140 members and received $2.9 million in land donations from 6 landowners. 2- Acquired 606 acres of forested land with 4,400 feet of shoreline on Lake Manitou and 2,500 feet of shoreline on Horseshoe Lake. 3- Rezoned 228 acres with the help of the Municipality of Ivry-sur-la-Lac. 4- Created 6 protected natural area around Lake Manitou. 5- Limited our operating costs to 1.1% of donations and grants received on a cumulative basis since our foundation. 6 -Become one of the leading registered charity in the Laurentians focused on land conservation. 7-Started building a Stewardship Fund to help cover the ongoing carrying costs of holding our conservation lands.

We have achieved these results with the strong support of our members, the Municipality of Ivry-sur-le-Lac, and other like-minded organizations.

Our conservation efforts, which include ongoing stewardship of our acquired lands, depend on your continued support.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who are helping us Preserve the Future Together !

Conservation Manitou Annual Report 2016 (PDF)