CONSERVATION MANITOU: To Acquire 216 acres of Forest

October 22, 2014 (Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Quebec) CONSERVATION MANITOU is pleased to announce that it will be acquiring 216 acres of forested land on the north side and on the southwestern shore of Lake Manitou, and on Horseshoe Lake, by way of donations under Environment Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program. The various properties being acquired include prominent hilltops and ridges, wetlands and streams feeding into both lakes, as well as nearly 2,500 feet of boggy waterfront on Horseshoe Lake and over 1,000 feet of steep shoreline on Lake Manitou. “We are very fortunate to be able to protect some key ecologically sensitive parcels of land which are vital to the area’s ecosystem, one of which acts as an important water source and filtration system for Horseshoe Lake. It is essential to protect this small and vulnerable lake’s shorelines as it is the largest body of water flowing into Lake Manitou” states Stephen Takacsy, Chair of CONSERVATION MANITOU. One of the properties also features a section of the historic Laurentian ski trail, which will also be preserved. “We are honored and extremely grateful to Shirley Stikeman and David McCall who, like their father Alan, are great defenders of the environment, as well as Tony Dobell and David Culver, for entrusting the preservation of these lands to Conservation Manitou which will benefit our community for generations to come.”

To date CONSERVATION MANITOU has received monetary donations and pledges totalling over $1.6 million from 120 members, enabling it to acquire almost 300 acres of forest and 1.3 miles of lakefront. “We could not have accomplished this without the generosity and strong values shared by our community towards the protection of our natural environment, as well as the support of the municipality of Ivry-sur-le-Lac. However, we need to continue raising funds to cover acquisition costs and ongoing stewardship expenses” emphasizes Stephen Takacsy. Conservation is an investment in our future, and preserving natural capital protects the health of our ecosystems as well as contributes to the long term wealth of our communities.”

CONSERVATION MANITOU is one the leading organizations dedicated to the preservation of natural areas in the Laurentians. It is a registered charity and a qualified recipient of Environment Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program. Its mission is to preserve and protect the ecosystem and natural environment of Lake Manitou and its surroundings, by acquiring land and conservation easements, either donated or purchased, and providing stewardship in perpetuity.

To donate please make your cheque payable to CONSERVATION MANITOU and mail to:

1800 McGill College, suite 2102, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3J6

Registered Charity No.:  831460936RR0001